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Default Buyback

Well, heard this from a guy in the chat who accidentally sold his LW before resetting, which he had just found on the very first day of hunting for it.. And then he sold all his ninjas as well before noticing the mistake..

So.. Here's the suggestion: A buyback function for recently sold items, at least until you log off (just like WoW has)

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Ya that option will be good and helpfull
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Agree. I know a lot of people remained with no LW because they sold it just before resetting.
Also, maybe udon could add a did you know on the ladder about that.
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Yes. Please?! I sold a 800-abillity once, when I was going to sell that stupid item you get from the start.. - So instead of earning 5 ryo, I lost 450.. :-{

But, since you´d have to be a bit clumsy to do that, maybe buyback would cost.. 20-40% more than what you sold it for? Still a very reasonable price, compared to loosing the opportunity of bringing a LW with you, or having to buy the abillity for full price! ^^
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I'm not sure if this is something I want to put time into, instead of doing the... say Bijuu Island summon battles thingy. This is something that would take time to get it right, bug testing etc, and still only be used by very few players I think.

It's something I would want to have if I lost items, but I won't lose my items ;) Good suggestion, but I just don't see how it has priority over anything else right now (new ninjas, bijuu island summons, clans, tournaments etc).
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Then put it at the bottom of the pile, and let´s hope it´s done within 6 months ;) xD
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just found this thread through "Threads that should be given another glance ;)" and being a victim to one of these accidents i kinda like the suggestion. however since udon mentioned it will require quiet a bit of hardwork, i've a different opinion on it.

I played this MMO where on selling/discarding certain high grade items the system asks the player to confirm by typing letters "YES", how does that sound?

though i still agree ppl must just be careful about preserving thier LWs but we are humans and mistakes happen :P

cheers ^^
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