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Default LW Description Page

I think that LW's should be included in the Help-game guides section under its own catergory, and the added bonus of each LW having a small description about it :3
Like for instance what ive done in my LW thread :)
I feel that in a indirect way this would make Lw's seem a little cooler, and even the not so popular ones seem to be that little bit more epic just by attaching a sentence to them on this certain page :3
We already have the Find LW's guide, and i/we can easily make up some simple big-up sentences

Hell even with all the Lw's i reckon it wouldnt take that long and putting in a extra page and copy/pasting them in shouldnt be that hard or that time consuming


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My two cents: I'd love to know of their backgrounds in more detail in a convenient manner such like the page being suggested - rather than trying to look for a specific one from the past threads which are mainly ridden of for most part from what I can see...

Sure, Google's a friend, but it's also a pain in the ass compared to where one could see them with a couple of clicks. And since there are quite many, it would help newblets like myself to see what kinds there are. Yes, there is a nice LW guide, but I'd rather see it added to In-Game Help section~

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Old 04-11-2012, 04:53 PM   #3
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i'd say just display all the LWs and where you can find them. just put your mouse over them to find the stats and that is good enough.
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Totally agree!
I can help if needed ;p

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