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Default EVENT: 13th Revival [November 9th 2013]

It has been a few months since the reincarnated demon fox was defeated. The ninja world stabilized, but only briefly... Reports on strange activites have yet again surfaced and the ninja world fears it's once again time to battle the beast.

13th Revival
Start: November 9th, Saturday (17:00 GMT+1)
Description: A rerun on Medium mode with the same conditions as when the game was released (start from scratch). Get one of the FNG's transfered to your real team if you want to! Start with 2 bonus FNG. Auto-accept ON for everyone. Chakra Plus by default. 2x energy. +120 ryo/day! Compete for the custom LWs! The energy/ryo refills will be adjusted during the course of the event.

How is it different from the first event?

* It's on Medium mode, so Medium mode rules and chakra apply (with +10 upgrade). You will be able to use 3 FNG throughout this play (1 FNG with +40 stat points, 2 chosen at the start).
* Prize LW power increased, added the FM Mode-animation to them too.
* Auto-Accept is turned ON for everyone.
* Chakra Plus (+10 chakra effect) ON by default.
* Premium max limit of 100 Euro per week.
* 2x energy gain.
* 120 ryo/day bonus. (Which can be adjusted/increased)
* You start with 2 FNG.

How do I participate?
You will have to create a new account. You cannot play with your existing account/team. Simply create a new account and choose EVENT when selecting difficulty model, it will be put on the "event server" where only "event players" can play against each other. There is a rule with a max number of 2 accounts, this rule is however expanded to include 1 "event account". If you already have an event account not being used, feel free to reset it and choose the new Event when selecting difficulty.

Do I get any prizes/benefits?
Apart from the prizes given to the top 20 teams (see below), you will also be able to transfer the Forbidden Ninja Genin you receive to your "real" account/team. If you are a new player (first/second account), then you can simply move your whole "event account" to the main server where everyone else is playing, and continue there.

To be able to transfer your FNG to your main account after the event is over, you will have to fill out a form right after you have begun playing on the "event server". Upon starting, you will be able to connect your "event account" with your "real account". If you do not previously have an account, or just wish to continue playing with this "event account" as your second team (max 2 accounts allowed), then simply do not connect this account using the form. After the event is over, all "event accounts" will freeze and be unable to play on, unless you have opted to continue using it on the main server (which mean you have NOT connected it to another account).

How do I win?
You beat the game before anyone else. Beating the game means defeating the final boss in The Otherworld. The 20 first to complete the game get special prizes.

Custom Legendary Weapons will be awarded to the top 10 teams. This means you choose the name as well as the stats/attributes. The LW/prizes will be placed on either your real account, or the event account if it was not connected (for example if this is your first time playing). Also, as mentioned above, you will get a Forbidden Ninja Genin to your main team as long as you beat the game before the event is over (and connect your account to your real account).

A new featured that is added is the teleport animation found on FM Mode LWs.

  1. A custom LW with 70 Attack Value* points to distribute on attributes
    2000 ryo
    1000 world energy
  2. A custom LW with 65 AV
    500 world energy
  3. A custom LW with 65 AV
    250 world energy
  4. A custom LW with 60 AV
  5. A custom LW with 60 AV
  6. A custom LW with 55 AV
  7. A custom LW with 55 AV
  8. A custom LW with 50 AV
  9. A custom LW with 50 AV
  10. A custom LW with 45 AV
  11. - 20th. One of the most recently added Medium mode LWs of their choice.

*Attack Value is based on this table below (thanks Firehydrant) and comes with a set of rules that must be followed. These rules generally mean you can only use a maximum of amount of a certain attribute. Please note that this table may change during the course of the event.

Attribute            Attack Value        Max amount
Attack                1                    40
Taijutsu            0.5                    80
Ninjutsu            0.5                    80
Stamina                0.3
Resist                0.175                100
Specific Resist        0.09
Elemental Immune    0.25                40

Elemental Adv.        0.175                100
Specific Ele Adv.    0.1                    100
Specific Ele Dmg.    0.25                40

Endurance            1                    10
Reroll                0.5                    20*
Critical Damage        1                    10*
Critical Chance        0.5                    5*

Negative Atk        -1                    -10
Negative Tai        -0.5                -20
Negative Nin        -0.5                -20
Negative Sta        -0.3                -30
Negative Res        -0.175                -50

Enemy Atk Down        1                    10
Enemy Sta Down        0.3

Taijutsu Immune        1.4                    15
Ninjutsu Immune        1.4                    15
EnemyTai Imm Down        1                    20
EnemyNin Imm Down        1                    20

Ninja Exp            0.5                    25
Level5 Death        0.25                50
Ryo gain            0.8                    20
Item finding        0.25                35
[Special rules:]
  1. If less than 40 taijutsu is used, then Crit Dmg and Crit Chance limits are increased to 15 and 10.
  2. Less than 10 Crit Dmg must be used in order for more than 5 Crit Chance to be allowed.
  3. If less than 40 ninjutsu is used, then Reroll limit is increased to 35.
  4. Max 8 different attributes can be used
  5. LW name must be less than 20 characters long.

When does it end?
The 13th Revival event ends around 60 days after the first team has beaten the game. This may however be adjusted depending on how long it actually takes to complete the game. An exact date will be announced later. If you start playing around the time it starts and play every day, you should have no problem at all of finishing in time. Just like for the previous event, the energy refills will be increased after some time has passed if things go slower than expected.

Other notes
* You will be able to challenge and play against other teams on the "event server". This means battle arena, sneak attack, defend village will be against new teams. Ladder and ninja prices will however not be separate from the main server.
* As the custom LW won is treated as a regular LW in regards of bring back when reseting, winners will be given the option to give it to their alt/second team if it turns out it is worse than their current LW equipment (not worth bringing back).
* As the accounts used in this event are completely new, no one starts with previously found LWs or FNs.
* If you chose to connect the "event account", it means it will be frozen after the event is over. You will however be able to reset it and use it for upcoming events of similar kind in the future.
* All accounts created during the event will automatically be "event accounts". Some might not know about the event, but they shouldn't experience a worse time playing because they will have a lot more teams on their own level. As mentioned before, all accounts will be moved to the real server afterwards, unless they connect their account to their real one.
* You can only connect to your real account one time, and you must authenticate with your password. This means you cannot create multiple "event accounts" (forbidden) or have your friends try and win the prizes for you.
* A few examples on how the FNG you receive is treated;
1. My team is currently on Hard mode and I participate in the event (with a different account) and connect it to my Hard mode team. I complete the event and select to freeze my event account and transfer the FNG. A lvl 1 FNG is added to my Hard mode team and can be used right away, it will also be treated as any other FN I have and thus be brought back when reseting.
2. My team is camping on beginner mode and I participate in the event (with a different account) and connect it to my camping team. Just as above, event is completed and the FNG transfers. This FNG also gets +40 stat points because your main team is on Beginner mode.
3. I'm either new to the game or this is my second account. I choose not to connect it and play the event. Even if I do not complete it, my account will be moved to the server where everyone else plays and I can continue as usual. My FNG however cannot be transfered to any other team I it will be kept on this team.

* You can create your new account ANY TIME you want to, the important thing is to RESET AFTER the event has started.

Final Notes
Time to plan Medium mode setups (with chakra plus)! Good luck :)

Might be some changes before starting...!

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hey, there's something new here ;)
anyways, good luck to y'all
have a good day sir
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not again... customs ruined the game looong ago... and you keep doing it over and over again...
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