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Arrow The Ultimate Basic Guide

Normally end up answer the same answer to questions over chatango many times to explain certain things, so i thought i'd write a begginer need to know guide.

Note: This my first time writing a guide and my grammer isn't the best so i will try keep it simple.

Note: This guide isn't like other guides on how to level and what ninja's to pick, it more about how using the event to help you progress or just plain simple little things you need to know.

Many people i notice sort of want to rush the game, because they don't really know what they are doing, this includes reseting without LWs, or team upgrades.

Team upgrades, are a 1 time buy meaning you buy once you keep forever, buying every team upgrade is a must, and can easily be done progressing through the ranks, (technically should have all by end of easy).

There is two most important Team Upgrade is AA and C+. Auto Accept and Chakra + one most probally you hear about all the time, 15,00 ryo/10,000 ryo.

It would be alot to ask to buy both from begginer mode if you just started because it would take alot of time and be pretty damn boring, you should really only for 1 of them on begginer mode, which is AA 5k more ryo.
Note: once you beat final boss you can sell all ur ninjas(including FNG) and old LW(ones ur not taking over) for extra

Note: don't sell them right away, just misslot from team and click there sell price, write down the numbers, or use calculator as your going to see how much everything sells for to give you insight of how much you need.

Auto Accept: just a insight to new players what this is, the name pretty much explain it tho, it automatically accept challenges for you. Most user arrange "Battle Arena" by accept rate which would be people with auto accept.

Without AA you are losing about 3/4 worth of challenges,you should spend couple more weeks defending, fighting easy red/purple foxes to increase ryo chance, even use the kono group wit there 200ryo ability which gives 10% ryo x3 to increase ur ryo gain.
Note: Take into account that even tho c+ is very useful, if you started on begginer mode you can just get it on easy mode, with the "sell all ninja tatic used in the first one" also your not really missing out on to much as C+ is 10+ chakra and is much more useful in higher difficulties.

I am not gonna go into team line-ups to much but i do have a few things to say, first of all you must know what your going to do before advancing what your final team is going to be.

based on my easy mode event team, note i have 1 extra FNG. chakra limit when u reach otherworld(last world) 122. 0-8c starter ninja transmigrated once i reach otherworld, 10c FNG, 10c FNG, 23ch jounin, 11ch jounin, 40ch Kage, 15ch summon "116c"
Note: ch = Chakra Halved, C=Chakra. Also note this is just an example but i used almost all chakra.

Also a big must is to use as much chakra possible, everyone has their favourite ninja's but teams shouldn't be based by this (Forbidden ninja's dont count), take things into considers such as if ninja is low-seal or high seal, if the summon you use will benifit all ninja's(such as crit damage on high seals) but realistically using more chakra normally tend to mean better ninja, which will make game easier to beat.

Event Teams

Note: This is under construction but will add few things, i will revamp this on a later day as i am to busy to finish now.
Note: Need someone to correct me if i said something wrong as not everything i have tested personally only herd through chinese whispers.

Many new people don't understand the benifits from event, not only the LW prize but could help you in the future run in the games.

Take note that in event, you have AA(talked about previously) and mid amount of people join, the AA is only for event only and once event is over you will not have AA. Once event is over you keep all your RYO and ninja's and account will be put onto main server if you haven't linked it.

Now just remember you get 100ryo a day auto accepted battles (2 free FNG) if you dont beat game.

My advise, play event til red fox camp red fox for as long as you can, that if your not going for LW but only 20 people get. stay on red til you have enough money for AA wait til event is over then buy AA from shop.

Note:If your new and just started begginer, carry on playing but start a event account your allowed two accounts, 1 main and 1 alt but you cant send challenges to each other :) i will go through more benifits later :)


Looking for some clan members any difficulty any level


Forum Page pop me a pm if intrested

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