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Default New FNGs, Jounins and Kages!

Along with the upcoming Medium mode event, we've added 7 more FNGs, 6 new Jounins and 5 new Kages! More info about those changes can be found in the game guide.

Thanks to anson, kuuya, Darrison, Chiyo and all the other active forum members who organized, balanced and created the new ninjas and cards!

New Jounins:
Chojuro, Kankuro, Kurotsuchi, Roshi, Torune and Yamato.

New Kages:
Danzou, 2nd Mizukage, Muu, Onoki and 3rd Raikage.

Forbidden Ninja Genins:
A, Deidara, Kidoumaru, Kisame, Konohamaru, Sakon and Yota!

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