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Candy Girl
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dragon path to be protected, pierce with shining blade took to the sky, the light flowing in spirals to the garden where teh dragon's claw ends, shadows of the olden days

ITSSS SOOO NICE!... all the faults....
naruto : aren't you the 4th hokage
refuses.. ehm no 3rd hokage still exists! but..... they received they orders from tsunade ..............................

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Originally Posted by Isaac0 View Post
Candy just posted the 30 000th Post in the whole "Clans" section of the Forum :O
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To be honest I saw 3rd give them the mission, not Tsunade.
"Being strong isn't about never falling down, but always getting up.
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Default ....

Originally Posted by Dark Legend View Post
epic jarek!!!! IM a FAN!!

i like movies too!
you has good tatstes

Train ninjas and save the world from evil on!
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I didn't find this movie so interesting. Last released shippuden movie was much better than 4th released. Now to day i am going for enjoy Naruto shippuden episode 216. I hope you all also will be excited to enjoy it.
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