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Default Jaraiya storyline= Sidartha parallel?

So while I was watching Jaraiya growing up episodes I started to notice how close in ties the events in jaraiya life is to Prince Sidhartha's life (Buddha). How at first Buddha father is told that his son will either be great king or revolutionist prophet and that Jaraiya was set up the same way in a different twist though. now the person told the king that sidhartha will see 3 aspects of life that will make him want to leave the palace. Jaraiya travels around and see's certain individuals that influences who he wishes to train. Also if you look at how jaraiya meditates it is of the buddhist meditation. left hand over right with thumbs touching in cross legged position. Anyone who knows the story of sidhartha's travels should watch the episodes over again and look at these similarities and many others. i thought it was a pretty cool observation.
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