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why downgrading 2 of the most popular Lws of NM

this most likely gonna bring a lot of complains..

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.03 rate seems to be fair change, wouldnt it also be alright to increase medium LW drops up from .03 to possibly .05?

-5 attack on Luna and -3/-3 on TE seems ok, Luna is still good for its dmg, great stam, and imm... as for TE, its a progression (WM LW), in BA against HS ninjas its alrdy faced with a minimum -3/-3 decrease (rounded), if not more depending on other immunities, I use/have TE, a -3/-3 change wouldnt end the world for my team, I just thought to bring up another side to that part of the discussion
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Nerf not the LW, they're a reward for a LOT of time spent.

Specially after so many teams had the benefits of the older stats, it is not fair.

Please Udon =/

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Updated to version 1.1:

* re-formatted to accomodate Forbidden LWs,
* modified formulas based on a better understanding reroll/crit synergy,
* included AV values for comparison

I've learned a few more things since the original writing of this guide so I looked over and revised the formulas a bit in anticipation of posting the values for the FM LWs. The updated formula re-rated LWs with reroll, crit chance, and crit dmg to a lower value than before but the relative strength of various LWs remain largely unchanged. The major exception being LWs that had only reroll, crit chance, and crit dmg, like Lucky Blade, for example, which took a big hit in the new rating system.
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