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I like the idea of explaining various camping aspects...

From my part I'd suggest adding notes for best suited uses of certain team types. For example - Beginner mode Bronze rank team with Ninkame for low cost yet effective clan war filler and RF Katsuyu/Manda/Gama/w.e for those who feel these summons work better or simply wish for higher place in exp rankings/aim for kage position.

Also, might add not only summon choices, but also most often chosen ninjas, like Hidan for that Tai Immunity or Danzou for Nin Immunity... and combos like Sasu+Naru Js for those low-rankers. Having a camping guide covering most useful ninjas/combos in different departments of camping should surely get acknowledgment. Possibly might also want to add which ninjas/summons best compliment each other. An example of that could be Hidan+Katsuyu for both tai and nin immunity maxed out.

I hope to see this guide smoothed out soon.

PS: as a sidenote - you might want to fix grammar/rephrase sentences for more easy readability. Not all people are good at English and might get confused if complicated terms are used. Try to keep it simple ;)
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