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Default Naruto 690

this weeks chapter finally out after much rage lul

Seems like everything is over,or....

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*smiles* over all i liked Kaguya. Out of all the "gods" i have seen, she played the part to a T. She was omnipotent, could create her own realitys to assisste her in battle, she hardly said a word and looked down on those she deemed lower and insignificant creatures. I appreciated she didnt dick around and had minimal flashbacks, and didnt stall. She was always cold, distant, and calculating, somewhat reminisant of Sasuke, and was absolutely leathal, not holding back and being 100% percent lethal with her godly powers.

R.I.P Kaguya, i can understand why most wont like and appreciate you, but i will miss you. Sure, i would rather Madara as the final villan, but you were great in your own and unique way.

Oh...and chapter was great *Chuckles* i immagine 2-3 more, and maybe 1 that will be like a prequel to the new movie in December like how Road to Ninja got a prequel manga special.

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Plot Twist:

Ramen Guy (Ichiraku) is/was the husband of Kaguya. Is now utterly pissed because they sealed her away again, kills all the good guys, raeps Hinata & Sakura, End. D:
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the next thing we know is hogomoro is an antagonist :o ... shoot, This is never gonna end hahahahahha
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