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Arrow Choosing Starting Genin

Introduction - What is this guide for?
In this guide I will introduce every available starting Genin, who will be representing you in the game plot, and discuss their effectiveness in different situations. Basic knowledge of the game's mechanisms such as Seal and Tax is required as specific terms will be used. New players are recommended to read through this guide as they make plans on what to do in a game. More experienced players may also refer to this guide for their progression on higher difficulty modes.

How to use this guide?
The ninjas are first separated according to their starting village, where a short description will be provided for those who may not use either starting Genin or Jounin. A list of ninjas who are exclusive to the village is also included for team building purposes.

The Genin teams are then discussed individually, based on their combos and starting Jounins. Synergy between the starting Genins available and the Jounin are also analyzed for higher difficulties where the usage of both is encouraged or necessary.

Finally, the individual Genins are introduced in the following format:

Naruto (Name of Genin)
Base Atk: 12.5 (Average attack of the ninja at Level 1, bonus stats points are counted)
Atk Growth: 2.15 (Average attack increase of the ninja per level)
Sta Growth: 1 (Stamina increase of the ninja per level)
Seal Range: 16-16 (Starting seal available to choose, usually +/-2 of the original seal)
Classification: HS Balanced (Based on starting seal and stats distribution)
Bonus Stats: 0 (Bonus stats points assigned at the beginning, to be allocated freely to either Taijutsu or Ninjutsu)
Ryo Bonus: Low/Below Average/Average/Above Average/High (Free Ryo given based on the popularity of village and ninja. Exact value is not provided as it fluctuates)
EndAbs Value: 30 (Average attack bonus provided by the ninja's 400 and 800 abilities. Enemy attack reduction is not counted)

Cannot be selected as a starting Genin due to game plot. (A brief description on the ninja based on their performance at different stages of the game)
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